The Department of Languages is one department whose activities and training have endeared parents and the public all the more to the school. It handles incisive teaching of English Studies in the junior section and English Language and Literature in English in the senior school.

The department also comprises a team of French teachers whose diligence and proficiency in teaching the language are set towards helping the students speak French the French way (as the native speakers). This is done through thorough lessons, practical sessions, acting plays and concerts. Parents have been thrilled at many school functions by the performances of the students especially by the confidence with which they do the presentation in French.

Over the years, the Ibibio unit of the department is not doing badly. It is committed to weaving the indigenous language identity into the children. As Ibibio native speakers are helped to attain proficiency in reading, writing and speaking in the mother tongue, the non-indigenous speakers relish the exposure we give them to learn an additional Nigerian language.

Considering the issue of Nigerian languages, which the Ibibio language has been considered for an inclusion, the department has the plan of complying with the National Policy on Education which advocates the study of one of the languages of the major ethnic groups.

The Department of Languages encourages good reading culture among students and teachers in the school by floating and supervising the Popular Book Report which is called Book Review elsewhere. Exposing the students at this level to such academic work has yielded amazing results. This work is celebrated annually. The school has published two (2) volumes of a strictly academic material, Noble Literati, which is a compendium of the students’ Book Reports collected through the years of existence of the school. These pieces of literary work of arts report both simple literary writings and highly intellectual materials written by great men and women. The general comment from parents and other lovers of good literary pieces is that the materials the students produce under the tutelage of the Department of Languages are simply above this level which is quite what it is. Noble Literati also publishes other works of arts like poems and long essays.

The Spelling Bee competition is another thorough drilling exercise. The programme is geared towards sharpening the student’s spelling ability in all the subjects. Since the inception of the school, it has been really tough selecting the Spelling Bee Champions because the competitions have always been keen and challenging. This exercise goes a long way in helping our students overcome or reduce spelling errors in examinations and other writings.

The department also anchors the activities of the Press/Literary club, “Redemption Voice” which prepares students in journalism, acting, public debates, constructive criticisms and other presentations.

“Redemption Voice” vets the school’s radio project christened “The Next Generation” which discusses the “nagging issues” in the Nigerian society. This is aired every Wednesday at 5:30 pm on AKBC 90.5 FM Radio.

With all these and more, woven into a child by the help of God, he cannot be a misfit anywhere in the world.