Small class size

Our small class size allows adequate attention to the individual needs of each student and guarantees maximum interaction between the students and teachers.

Testing system
Our students are tested at two levels: The Continuous and the Terminal:
The continuous testing system is divided into

  • The class work: This is assessed and graded with a total of 5 points. The teacher may select the best five of the total class activities of the term and compute all over 5.
  • Chapter test: This is an assessment at the completion of a unit of studies. Five of such at the end of the term is computed over 5.
  • Home Work: The take-home assignments are assessed. Again five of these are computed over 5.
  • The Three-weekly Test: This is another very important assessment. in the course of the term. Three of these are administered with 5 points for each and 15 points as the total.
  • The Project: The term’s project on every subject is given at the beginning of the term and learners work on them gradually. The aim is to complete and turn every one of them in to the respective teachers two or three weeks before the terminal examination. Every child’s work is supervised by the teacher at intervals. The total score is 10. No child who worked consistently should score below 7 because the project is to bring out the best in the child on the subject.

So the class work, Chapter Test, Home work have 5 points each, Three-weekly Tests have 15 points and Project 10 points, making the total of 40 points at the continuous Assessment level.