The place of Social Science department in Redemption Academy is very vital. It aims at developing the Socio-cultural, Economic and Political life of the students, making them become responsible in the society, since no true educated child can be seen anywhere except he or she has undergone training and is well equipped in social skills and values.

The subjects under social science department are Geography, Economics, Civic Education, Government, History, Social Studies, and Christian Religious Knowledge.

These subjects are taught by well-seasoned teachers who groom the students for both external and internal examinations and competitions. The teachers in this department coordinate /coach students for the Next Generation Radio Programme.

The Social Science department has led students out to various excursions to expose them to current happenings in the globe. Places like The Stock market, Central Bank of Nigeria, Obudu Cattle Ranch, National War Museum, Umuahia and lots more had been visited.