Young farmers’ club is a voluntary organization introduced by Redemption Academy to the students of Agricultural Science. The club has membership strength of over 200 students from JSS1 to SSS 3. For Agriculture, it is important to “catch them young”.  Formation of young farmers’ clubs in secondary schools will stimulate the interest of youths in agriculture. This can be done by exposing students to innovative agricultural practices and agriculture potential information via slideshow presentations and interactive internet programs; thus raising a generation of farmers willing to use ICTs to create and utilize extension information.

The motto for the club is “Food for All Nations”


  The aims and objectives of the club are as follows

1. To train students on how to manage farms.

2. To regularly organize agricultural science debates and competitions for the students
3. To acquaint students with different techniques of farming
4. To make students love agriculture
5. To make information available on agricultural break through to improve      students’ knowledge.


  The facilities that are available are as thus:
1.  Poultry farm
2. Well equipped and functional laboratory
3. Arable farm land


  1. Regular exhibition and show of Agricultural products during important events in the school.
  2. Establishment of Small Plot Adoption Technique for practical classes to follow suit.
  3. Regular organization of Agricultural debates and competitions to arouse and sustain the students’ interest in Agriculture.


Excursion to Ebonyi College of Agriculture, Isiagu, Ebonyi State in 2010 and 2011. Students were exposed to various sites of interest including poultry farm (brooding room, hatchery etc.) piggery, fish pond, goatry, rabbitry etc.


True Love Waits Club is the interactive forum of the Daughters of Sarah and Sons of Promise Ministry, a ministry born out of a deep passion and compassion for the youth in a generation that is plunged into destructive habits and lifestyles.

Psalm 144:11-12 says

“ Rid me, and deliver me from the hands of strange children…

Make our sons in their prime like sturdy oak trees, our daughters as cornerstones (pillars) polished after the similitude of a palace”.

True Love Waits Club provides the platform for that precious son/daughter you cherish to be groomed to fit into the specie described in the above scripture.

They are trained to DARE to be different from the ordinary specie, the strange children, and to stand out as wise leaders who make quality choices and decisions, even when they are not regarded as ‘popular’.

Founders – Engr. & Dr. (Mrs.)  Ime Ekaette Etang

National headquarters – Jos, Plateau State; chapters are found in almost all the states in Nigeria. It was established in Redemption Academy in

Activities – Teaching (Bible), Seminars, Conferences, Retreats, Skills Acquisition, etc

Motto – Train the total child to change his/her total world. (1peter 3:1-7- Amplified)


The Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists club takes a closer look at the specifically talented nobles, provide a forum among these future engineers, technicians and scientists, as well as create opportunities for practical expressions of the gifted ones. Our annual science exhibition is one of such opportunities.

Involvement in the JETS club gives the nobles an edge in various external competitions in related subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Technical Drawing.

Redemption Academy is a sure breeding ground for future scientist of tomorrow.


The objectives of music club are as follows;

    i.            Training students on music composition (writing good music).

   ii.            Transcribing music from staff to solfa notation.

  iii.            Orchestra training (playing of musical instruments such as Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Flute, Recorder, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Keyboard, etc.)

  iv.            Opera performance (A play set to music).

  v.            Voice training.